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IMPORTANT:Recruitment is Changing

HSCRecruit Version 2

Last Updated 14th June 2016

HSC employers are implementing a new Human Resource Management System which includes a move new recruitment system. The transfer of all organisations to this new system is almost complete.

This change has the following implications for you:

  1. You will need to register a new account on the new system to apply for jobs.
  2. None of your current details or job applications will transfer over to the new system.
  3. All HSC Employers currently using HSCRecruit will transfer over to the new solution.
  4. HSC Jobs for some organisations will appear on both sites until all organisations have completed the transfer.

The following organisations continue to advertise vacancies both here and on the new system.

It is anticipated that these remaining organisations will have completed the move by 1st July 2016, after this date this version of HSCRecruit will cease to exist and you will no longer have access to your profile or your previous applications.

Click here to visit the new recruitment system