Some Frequently Asked Questions.

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  • How will I receive correspondence about my application?

    If you submit an online application ALL correspondence will be via the email address you entered at registration. This can be changed by editing the email address field in your profile. You should ensure you have access and regularly check this account including the junk folder for any communication regarding your application.

    If you submit a manual application form, and it contains details of your email address, ALL correspondence will be sent to this address. It is therefore your responsibility to regularly check your emails, including the junk folder for communication regarding your application. If you have not provided an email address on a manual application form, all correspondence will be issued in writing to the postal address provided.

  • How do I register?

    A link to our registration page is located on our home page. You will be asked to input various important details including your name, email, a username and a password. Once successfully registered you should then use the username and password to login to the site.

  • What email address should I use to register?

    You should use a private email address to register on the system.

    This will ensure you have access to your previous applications and profile should you move jobs or need access to correspondence/password reset outside working hours.

    HSC employees - Your work email address should be reserved for recruitment activity that you may carry out for your Trust. For example shortlisting.

  • I can't login to the site?

    Please ensure firstly that you are a registered user of the site. You should then visit our login page and enter your username and password into the box provided. It is common for users to input their email instead of their username in this area, you will not be allowed to login if you do so.

  • I have forgotten my password?

    On the login page please select 'Password Forgotten' link and enter your username or email address. An email will be sent to the email address you registered with.

    Depending on the security settings of your email provider, the email containing your password may have gone into your junk folder. You should also ensure your email provider allows emails from our new recruitment system. (

    Please Note: Please allow at least 3 mins for the email to arrive.

  • My password was sent but it has not reached my email inbox?

    Depending on the security settings of your email provider, the email containing your password may have gone into your junk folder. You should also ensure your email provider allows emails from our new recruitment system. (

    Please Note: Please allow at least 3 mins for the email to arrive.

  • Can I use information from another application to complete my next application?

    Yes, if you have previously completed a profile though certain job specific information will need to be entered each time.

  • How do I submit my job application?

    Once registered, you are advised to create your profile first. You are then able to search for jobs. When you wish to apply for a job, you will then be prompted to complete some additional information some of which is mandatory. You can do this in stages or all at one time and once you are satisfied that your application is complete you can submit your application.
    If you do not submit at that time you can return at a later stage and click on the incomplete job application in the 'Overview' section, this will bring up the job application form. Then click on the preview tab, if you are happy with your form you should select then submit within the preview section.
    If you are still having problems submitting your application please refer to the help guide.

  • Can I change the details in my submitted application?

    No. Any changes to your application must be made prior to the closing time of the job advertisement.

  • How can I be sure my application has been submitted?

    You will receive an automated email message acknowledging receipt of your application.

  • I can't remember exact dates for qualifications/registration etc.

    Please enter approximate dates in these instances but make sure these are as accurate as possible. If a date is pending, please input the expected date. Be aware some dates may be used for shortlisting purposes and in these instances the actual date of qualifications/registration must be accurate.

  • I cannot find a job on your site as advertised in the press/another website?

    Please re-try searching for the job through each of the relevant search criteria present.
    You should contact the HR department of the organisation responsible for the job if you still cannot find the job you are looking for.

  • I have a query about a post advertised on your site

    Any queries regarding job description, location, contract type, interview dates, application progression etc. should be directed to the HR department of the organisation responsible for the job.

  • If I submit an application or complete a profile via the website will I see this if I login via the HSC HRPTS Portal and vice versa?

    No, these are separate. We recommend all applicants including HSC employees apply for jobs using this site rather than their Employee Self Service (ESS) portal.

  • I have entered an incorrect password into the system when trying to login and the system says 'Too many failed attempts' and I am now locked out of the system. Who do I contact to have my account unlocked?

    You need to contact the email support address for this system, which is and you must also advise them of what your username is. A member of the system support team will contact you to confirm you have been unlocked. Once you are unlocked you must then. Go to the appropriate candidate login page:
    1. Then click on 'Password Forgotten'
    2. Type in your username or email address (the one you registered with)
    3. Request Password

    A new password will be sent to your email address which you used during registration (or in your profile if an internal candidate). Once received enter this as your password under login and you will be forced to change this to a password in any format between 8-40 characters in length but must include at least 1 digit and 1 special character e.g. 1, ! or *.

  • How do I apply using a printed application form?

    HSC are considering phasing out the use of printed/posted applications. The following organisations now accept online applications only:
    - Business Services Organisation
    - Health and Social Care Board
    - Northern Ireland Guardian Ad Litem Agency
    - Northern Ireland Practice and Education Council
    - Northern Ireland Social Care Council
    - Patient Client Council
    - Public Health Agency
    - Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority

    If you are applying to another organisation please attempt to use the online process. Step by step guidance is available on this website. It will save you time as your application form will be saved for reference and much of your personal information can be used again for future jobs applications.

    To complete a manual application you must print the relevant blank job application form from this website.

    - Visit the homepage
    - You do not need to register although this is recommended for future use
    - Browse Jobs
    - Job Search – click on the job you are interested in
    - Expand the pop up window
    - Click on ‘Print Blank Job Application’
    - Click on print/preview and open the PDF application form
    - Complete the form (including reference number) and post to the relevant address

  • I have a disability and need additional advice about my application?

    Please contact our team via the help section where we can deal with your query or introduce you to a contact at the relevant HSC Organisation.

  • How do I locate the job description/specification once a post has closed?

    Job descriptions/specifications are not available on the site once a post has closed. Candidates are recommended to print out or save a copy of this at the point of applying. If you require a copy of this after a post has closed, you should contact helpdesk support for assistance through the online contact form.

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