Compatible Browsers & Pop-Ups

The HSC's recruitment system is SAP based. The following main browser types are supported by SAP:

* Please ensure all pop up blockers are disabled when accessing the site.

Internet Explorer

If you are having technical difficulties using Internet Explorer, please ensure that the browser is being run in compatibility mode. You can turn this on by clicking on the relevant icon to the right of your web address bar, or by pressing F12 and changing browser mode to compatibility view. You should also disable your popup blocker or add to your trusted sites. For instructions please see the relevant section below.

If you have Microsoft Edge as your default internet browser on your computer or device please install Internet Explorer 11 or one of the others named below and use this browser to complete your application.


Firefox is fully supported but please ensure you turn off any pop-up blockers within this browser, or add to your exceptions list. For instructions please see the relevant section below.


In Safari, click on the Safari button in the top left of the screen then click Block Pop-up windows, if there is a tick next to this on the menu.

Google Chrome

In Google Chrome, click on the menu icon to the right of the address bar, then click "Show Advanced Settings" at the foot of the page. Under "Privacy" click "Content Settings..." then under "Pop-ups" click "Allow" all sites to show pop ups.

Tablet devices -

Tablet devices are now compatible with this website and completing an application. Please ensure all pop up blockers are disabled before attempting to complete an application.

Windows 8 and Windows 10

We advise that you run your browser from the traditional (Windows 7 style) desktop rather than the start-up screen tile interface for a smoother application process and also to easily make the browser changes listed above if you are encountering difficulties.

Pop-up Blockers

The application form and vacancy details open in new windows. Applicants are asked to please ensure that pop-up blockers are either turned off or allowed for

Pop-up blocker settings may be adjusted for Internet Explorer via Tools > Internet Options > Privacy. You can either disable the popup blocker in your browser by unticking the Turn on Pop-up Blocker box or by adding to the allowed websites if you click Settings in the Privacy window.

Firefox users should click Firefox > Options > Content (on a PC) or Firefox > Preferences > Content (on a MAC). Alternatively you can add to the exceptions list within the Content window.


Please be aware that Google and Yahoo toolbars have their own pop-up blocker settings, in addition to those in your browser. These toolbars can cause the recruitment system to "freeze" and you may hear a clicking sound as the system unsuccessfully tries to open a new window. You are able to uninstall a Google toolbar by clicking on the Adjust Toolbar Options icon and selecting uninstall. You can uninstall the Yahoo toolbar via the Tools > Manage Add Ons option in your browser.

Further Assistance

Additional browser compatibility will become available over the coming months as system updates are released from SAP. This summary of browser and pop-up compatibility will be revised as these updates are reflected in our new recruitment system to ensure users receive accurate technical information to support their search and application process.

If you require any further assistance, please click here to contact technical support.